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How to Kill It On A Cleanse

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How to finish your cleanse without cheating

For those of you who follow my Instagram @anniebri_ , you know that I have been powering through the Candida Cleanse. To my surprise, I haven’t cheated whatsoever. That means I haven’t had a spec of sugar (this includes fruit), alcohol, dairy or coffee for weeks. I can’t say it’s been easy but so far, it has definitely been worth it. 

Through the migraines, sleepless nights, mood swings and little to no patience, I’ve still been able to get through my day to day life- without even cheating. Meaning, walking past bakeries without hesitation. Giving out cookies to the kids and making delicious meals for the family I work for. On Sunday night there were 10 people over at the house enjoying champagne and delicious wines; I didn’t even have a sip!

How? You ask.

Well, though I have been known for my willpower, I am also known for binge eating and savoring every sweet known to mankind. So, how have I done it? 

Well, whenever I’m on a cleanse, I do these specific things to help me get through. Each and every time I’m detoxing/fasting or cleansing, I’m always able to go through with my plan 100%. And it all boils down to these tricks.

Plan Your Cleanse 


This is probably the most important step. There have been times where I have seen others (including myself) plan a cleanse a week before a big event. In their mind, they say to themselves “oh I just won’t drink” or “I just won’t participate” – wrong. Don’t ever plan a cleanse during a time where you will be extremely busy with work or with social gatherings. Unfortunately, the cleanse just won’t pan through. Wait until your schedule clears up.

The best time to organize a cleanse is when you’re not that busy. When you still have regular daily activities but won’t be too busy and won’t be too bored.

If you’re too busy, you won’t have the time or energy to follow through with the cleanse. You could end up feeling weak and unsteady. This leads to binging and will mentally push you back.

If you’re too bored, all you’re going to do is think about all that delicious food you can’t eat! Make sure you have things to do, even if you’re on vacation or something. Plan a movie or a yoga class – something to keep you busy.

Don’t Let Your Ego Take Over

cleanse, you can do it

It’s always the way. You begin your cleanse, you’re doing great and then that little voice in your head tells you “its ok to have a bite” or a sip… or whatever it is. No. It is NOT okay. You have a goal and you are set out to achieve it.

This little voice in your head is just the craving, the withdrawal, the ego. Sometimes it feels like the more you try to ignore it, the more you get tempted to follow through with it. How I deal with this is what I call “Cutthroat Thinking”. 

“Cutthroat thinking” sounds harsh but it is the only technique that has allowed me to actually follow through with not only cleansing but anything in my life. It is that firm voice in your head that just doesn’t allow you to sway from your goals. It cuts in right before any other voice in your head and tells you how it is.

You want a piece of cake? No, and deal with it. That is just that. Don’t allow yourself to have any other option. You are on a cleanse, you have restrictions and rules, you must follow them. That is just that. The problem is when people start allowing their thoughts to take over. They let emotion control their decisions but logic is what is needed. Tell yourself it is not an option to cheat before you even allow your emotions to take over and tell you otherwise.

If you’re interested in me making a video (or even a more in-depth post) to explain more about how I utilize “Cut-Throat Thinking“, make a comment down below. 

Remember Your Goal


I always try placing photos of my goals on my phone, computer screen or even printing out images. Even writing little sticky notes and sticking them all over the house for me to see. Anything to help remind yourself that this is something that you want and though it may get tough, you CAN accomplish.

I’ve always been a fan of using a journal, not only to write out the things that I’m eating but to vent about my feelings. During a cleanse or detox (or even any diet) you’re going to be experiencing a ton of crazy emotions. Your body begins to let go of all the toxins in your system and this can create depression, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings. It’s important to write out the way you feel as it will help you during your journey. It’s actually been proven that those who write during a cleanse are more likely to complete their cleanse fully and without cheating.

Final thoughts

It’s important to be positive during your journey. It’s much harder said than done but it will significantly benefit you. In my post on methods and remedies to reducing anxiety, I talk about telling yourself 10 positive things every day while looking in the mirror. This is another method that you could use to improve your results. Staying positive and feeling good is vital to the longevity of your cleanse. It helps you not only build your confidence but to help you make healthier choices in the present and future. 

Cleansing can be difficult but with these steps, I believe that anyone can complete a cleanse without cheating or even second-guessing themselves. Believe in your journey and most importantly in yourself. It can be difficult, actually – it will be difficult. But, the end result is the most amazing feeling you could have ever imagined. The feeling of succeeding in something very important to you as well as the feeling of getting rid of the toxins in your body. 

Thank you so much for reading my post. 

If you enjoyed this post today please make sure to leave me a little comment down below. I love hearing your feedback.

Lots of love,

Annie Bri


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